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Monday Jul 25, 2022

I LOVE this phrase and our own Everybody's Coffee in Uptown Chicago uses it. Have a listen to understand my thinking on it. -Glenn

Saturday Jul 02, 2022

My thoughts on rejecting faith in Jesus

Monday May 23, 2022

Peace when solitary, learning and growing possibilities!

Saturday Mar 26, 2022

Is it intellect, biblical interpretation/doctrine, faith or these and something more that causes us to accept the concept of a miracle in one's life-change?

Saturday Jan 01, 2022

Even in the face of pandemics, loss, injustices and worse- the Christ-follower can indeed experience a genuine joy -and rightly so!

Wednesday Oct 13, 2021

Old, new, hybrids... traditions are not themselves God -nor even our neighbor!

Monday Feb 22, 2021

Learning (still, yep:) lessons of good change, growing older, important and helpful lessons! -Glenn

Wednesday Oct 09, 2019

Either/or, both/and... He is faithful and nearer than your breath. -Glenn

Wednesday Jan 23, 2019

In our day (and plenty of history) "Christian culture" has meant many things to many people. What it is not is salvation -and at times, does not reflect the love, mercy or justice of Jesus...

Monday Apr 10, 2017

My God defines me- NOW. Past is not present though no denial of effects. Good Friday... then EASTER!

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